Naturz Ayurveda Musli 60 Tablets


1. Herbal Musli Tabletsof 500 mg, 30 Tablets Dosage: 1 Tablets twice a day
2. Considered to act as a Revitaliser and Rejuvenator
3. Raw herb powder of Safed Musali to restore potency
4. May help in counteracting sexual debility


Naturz Ayurveda Safed Musli powder – 1 kg Value Pack


1. Fine powder of high quality Chlorophytum borivilianum for optimal and desired function.
2. 100% veg & natural Safed Musali in powder form, easy to use
3. No fillers added, Pure herbal powder of Safed Musli
4. Supports Male power, Strength and vitality

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