Naturz Ayurveda Shigru Powder – 1 kg Value Pack


1. Fine powder of high quality Moringa leaves for optimal and desired function.
2. 100% vegetarian Moringa leaf powder – made from whole leaves
3. No fillers added, Pure powder of Moringa Oleifera
4. Has antioxidant, Alkalising, energy boosting properties.


Naturz Ayurveda Moringa 700 Tablets Value Pack


1. 100% honesty-backed ingredients and product label
2. Small But Mighty: One tablet everyday provides you the best of the results. Full absorption of the actives
3. 60 Days of Happiness: Each bottle will last for 60 days; that’s 60 days of super-duper happiness
4. Potentcy, absorption and bioavaliablity rate separates Naturz Moringa / shugru tablet from the rest

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