Naturz Ayurveda CALCI PLUS – 60 Capsules


1. Calcium mineral supplement supports healthy bones and teeth.
2. Lowers risk of oeteoarthritis, Healthy muscle contraction.
3. Made in India, sugar free, Dye free, Gluten free.
4. 675mg, 60 capsules easy to swallow capsules.


Naturz Ayurveda Arthro Plus – 30 Capsule


1. Pain and inflammation reduction capsules.
2. Improved absorption by clarified butter.
3. Keeps joints lubricated for improved mobility.
4. Natural Formula that reduces aches and pains.


Naturz Ayurveda ArthroPlus Joint Care Oil – 100 ml


1. 100% chemical free, pure and natural oil for joint support
2. May relief pain and inflammation for Joint care
3. May improve joint movement and flexibility
4. Ayurvedic blend of classic herbs for optimum effects

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