Naturz Ayurveda Organic Neem powder 200 gms


1. Pure powder of dried neem leaves
2. Organic & Vegetarian powder
3. Help you purify blood & remove impurities
4. Promote healthy skin & boost immunity


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Bhringraj Powder – 200gms


1. 100 % Certified Organic Henna Powder With And Natural Ingredients And No Added Chemicals
2. Natural, pure, organic powder with optimum safety and efficacy
3. Effective on Dry & Dull hair
4. May help maintain natural hair lustre


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Brahmi Powder 200 gms


1. Traditionally cultivated, chemical and gluten free, 100% natural and pure Organic powder
2. Government Certified to assure optimum safety and premium quality
3. Natural and pure Brain health supplement
4. Helps to reduce stress and improve overall nervouse system functioning


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Jambu beej Powder – 200gms


1. 100% natural and vegan Organic Jambu seed powder, safe for all genders
2. Jamun seed powder A pure, natural and traditional product as per indian system of ayurveda
3. jamun seeds possess anti-diabetic activity. The seeds contain alkaloids, chemicals which prevent the conversion of starch into sugar and hence aid in keeping your blood glucose level in control.
4. Jamun contains high antioxidants which may help eliminate free radical cells and cleanse the system. Regular consumption of this supplement may helpin Liver cleanse by eliminating toxins


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Triphala Powder 200 gms


1. 100% Vegetarian & Organic Powder
2. Balanced blend of herbs ? Amla, Harde & Baheda
3. Its antioxidant properties supports healthy digestion
4. Boost Immunity & promote weight loss


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Amla Powder 200 gms


1. 100% pure and natural organic Amla powder for optimum safety
2. Gluten-Free, Chemical free, and Vegetarian
3. Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory & Anti-bacterial for skin and stomach care
4. Helps to remove toxins naturally


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Punarnava Powder – 200gms


1. 100% natural and vegan Organic Punarnava powder, safe for all genders
2. Promotes balanced fluid levels in the tissues and the healthy flow of urine
3. May support proper functions of heart, liver, kidneys
4. It has ability to rejuvenate whole body and health as it strengthens the body and normalizes doshas.


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Shatavari Powder 200 gms


1. Gluten & Chemical Free
2. 100% Vegetarian powder
3. Supports healthy female reproductive system
4. Balance female hormones


Naturz Ayurveda Organic Ashwagandha Powder 200gms


1. May help to increase engery, stamin, vitality and strength
2. Natural, pure, organic powder with optimum safety and efficacy
3. Helps to stimulate Immune system
4. May nourish nervous system and keeps the mind calm

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